Tyre maintenance


Tyres are essential to ensure road safety. All tyres age and wear out, but proper use will extend their life. With correct maintenance and suitable driving style to match the conditions, they will carry you further and need changing less often.

How can First Stop help to maintain tyres?


electronic tyre maintenance

Fitting tyres

  • For professional tyre fitting, you are recommended to go to the First Stop centre. If tyres are not fitted correctly, they will wear faster;  vehicle handling and safety will be compromised and maintenance will be affected.

tyre rotation

Rotating tyres

  • To keep tyres wearing evening, it is recommended to move them from one axle to another every 10,000 to 15,000 km, even if there are no visible signs of wear. Tyres can be changed on any vehicle, whether front or rear wheel drive, as long as the two axles are the same size.
  • For 4x4s, it is best to swap the four tyres diagonally.
  • If tyres have a unidirectional pattern, the front should always be moved to the back.

maintenance of tyres

Balancing wheel and tyre

  • Excess vibration can cause irregular wear on tyres. First Stop can prevent this happening by balancing the wheels. This must be done whenever tyres are changed.

man changing tyre on the road

Tyre repair

  • It should be remembered that a punctured tyre may seem to have no external damage, even though it may have suffered internal damage which could seriously affect safety. At First Stop, professionals are specially trained to provide the safest solution and change tyres if necessary.

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What can I do?

Choose the correct type of tyre for your vehicle

The size of tyre for each vehicle is shown on a plate, normally located inside the driver's door, on the fuel tank cover or in the vehicle's technical handbook. It gives the ideal size, load index, speed code and inflation pressures needed. First Stop specialists will make recommendations and offer advice to customers on the best type for their needs, if they have to change their tyres.